Swivel Seats

These seats have a rotating base plate that allow them to be turned through approximately 90 degrees, this action makes it easier for the passenger to stand up from the seat without having to twist their body. It can also make a sliding transfer from the seat to a wheelchair much easier.

The basic swivel seat comes with a manual turning base and there are optional extras such as armrests and lumbar support. All seats come with glide rails fitted to allow the user to adjust position for extra comfort while travelling.

The electric swivel seat has the same design features as the basic model but is fitted with an electric motor which allows for the seat to be operated with a simple remote control. This means there is no physical effort required from the operator when rotating the seat.

The Turny HD is swivelled manually out from the vehicle and can then be electrically lowered out of the vehicle and then raised back up to its original position. The manual turning operation does require some physical effort from the user. There are two height options for the HD range, 300mm (12inches) or 395mm (15.5 inches).

The Turny Orbit seat is a fully electrically operated seat which is turned out 90 degrees and raised or lowered at the touch of a button.

All of the above seats can be used in conjunction with the Carony wheelchair transfer system. The Carony system allows the seat from the car to be transferred onto a wheelchair base unit, this means that the passenger does not have the inconvenience of having to transfer from the car seat to a wheelchair. The Carony base wheelchair unit comes with 12 or 24 inch wheels and there is even an electric Carony Go option.


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