Hand Controls and Hand Control Adaptations

These adaptations are for customers who are unable to use the standard pedals on a vehicle. The standard configuration for hand controls is a lever which is mounted below the steering column, which is pulled towards the driver for acceleration and pushed away for braking. There is also a radial type hand control which is pushed away for braking and pushed down towards the driver’s knee for acceleration. These are generally for drivers who do not have as much strength in their hands or who struggle with grip.

All hand control kits are tailor made for almost all makes and models of cars and are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible given the limitations of each vehicle, making for a more comfortable and safer environment in the unfortunate event of an accident. There is also the option to have an integral indicator switch fitted to the handle for improved safety and control.

We always recommend that a steering aid is used in conjunction with hand controls for more control when carrying out manoeuvres such as parking, turning or negotiating roundabouts.


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